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Making changes to your kitchen means you have decide on kitchen cabinet designs and equipped yourself with the knowledge on the different styles, finishes, and resources that you will need for your kitchen remodelling plan. We will also keep you posted on the latest designs, planning process, and best practices.

An important factor to consider if you want a classy and elegant design for your next kitchen remodelling project is choosing a suitable cabinet for your kitchen area. Below is a list of certain cabinet types that you should consider when choosing the right cabinet design and style:

  • Casual kitchen cabinets
  • Contemporary kitchen cabinets
  • Cottage style kitchen cabinets
  • Craftsmen kitchen cabinets
  • European kitchen cabinets
  • Formal kitchen cabinets
  • French kitchen cabinets
  • Modern kitchen cabinets
  • Rustic kitchen cabinets
  • Traditional kitchen cabinets

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Kitchen benchtops are also an essential part of remodelling a kitchen and Cabinet Frankston will offer you a wide variety of designs and styles to choose from. Each benchtop and splashback is unique and is made based on the preferences of each client and the kitchen cabinet is designed to perfectly fit the dimensions of your home.

We use materials from brands like Polytec and Laminex for our kitchen splashbacks. Stones that are engineered to fit different thicknesses may also be included in the materials. Several other brands such as Cosentino, Silestone, Dekton, Caesarstone, Quantum Quartz, Stone Ambassador, RHT and Smartstone may also provide us with these products.

Additional materials like natural stones, mirrors, glass and timber may also be requested. We will display the templates used during the installation of your benchtops to highlight that we only offer nothing but perfection.


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Custom-made cabinets is helpful in making the most of your bathroom and en suite’s available spaces. Our goal is to help you utilise each space wisely into one that will suit not only your taste but also the dimensions of each room. Let us stylise and create the mood you want through the selection of colours and finishes to set the tone.

finish options

A bathroom vanity and storage cabinets that is beautifully crafted will increase the functionality and value of your home. You can select colours that will complement your tiles and paint with our extensive range of options and finishes listed below.

  • Laminate
  • 2pac
  • Acrylic
  • Solid Timber
  • Laundries

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Cabinets Frankston not only makes stunning modern kitchens and breath-taking bathrooms, we can also create custom designed laundry room cabinets that are manufacture right here in Melbourne. Make your house look aesthetic and perfect with customised laundry designs with up-market styles and unique designs making every moment spent in your laundry room worth it. Each person has different laundry behaviours and personalities, and that is what we will use as basis for the unique design of your laundry space.

Why Cabinets Frankston Is The Best Laundry Cabinetry Designers In Melbourne?

The average laundry time is over an hour of a day. You must first sort out your clothes into dark and light, very dirty to less dirty, special from ordinary, and so on.

We have learned, with our years of experience, that an average Australian family could take up to 4 loads of washing weekly. If you consider the same with the load to be washed, the dryer functions, and the time taken, etc., you spent an equal amount time in your laundry space. We streamline the whole process for you, reducing the time it takes to do your laundry, and making it an enjoyable chore with our exclusive and modern laundry cabinet designs.

Why Choose Cabinets Frankston For Laundry Cabinet Designs In Melbourne?

Cabinets Frankston has become the most reliable laundry cabinet designer in Melbourne. We will make sure that you have enough cupboard spaces to use as storage for your laundry room bits, a good bench space, a wide array of dryer spaces, and custom-built designer choices for your laundry cabinets.

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