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Completing a customised kitchen renovation is a big decision to make.  There are several different processes involved and is time-consuming. We specialised in kitchen remodelling projects, as the kitchen is often the first area renovated, and we at Cabinet Frankston can build high quality kitchen cabinet for any kitchen area.

We will do all the hard work and supply all the labour and materials needed. We will strip off the existing fixtures, design and assembling of the new cabinets, and anything else that is required to make sure you have a flawless kitchen renovation and remodelling project.

Our years of experience allowed us to create thousands of different cabinet designs. We want to establish ourselves as the leading cabinet maker in Frankston and pride ourselves with our high-quality workmanship, and exceptional customer service.


We help with the designing of the specifications of your kitchen cabinet right off the bat. We can design for any fit-for-purpose cabinet based on your preferences and specifications. Be assured that the design will match the interior of your household, and is suitable, sleek, and well-made. You can also choose any kind of design, and we will bring it to life.


In making sure that your kitchen cabinets are made of the highest quality we also ensure our clients of the quality of our workmanship. Our work is guaranteed to be the best and are made to last. Using only premium and local-sourced supplies, we will ensure that your cabinets are made only of best quality materials.

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